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Performance module

Performance Module

The latest development in diesel tuning technology is ECU remapping, yes that’s right we remap/tune the actual ECU in your vehicle. United Fuel Injection are now gearing up for Toyota ECU remapping including Hilux and LandCruiser ECUs.

We have invested in the complete professional ECU tuning software so we are able to do all tuning in house.

All ECU remapping is done on the individual vehicle and doesn’t rely on a “base map” emailed across the world like some use.

As it is customised to your vehicle we can make changes instantly, also along with other parameters we can remove torque limiters in some cases which gives a much nicer pedal feel and driving experience .

ECU remapping can do things that piggybacks just cant do. Call us on 9259 3000 to book your ECU remapping or fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you to schedule a suitable time.
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