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Audio & Video

United Fuel Injection is a proud partner of Zoom TV on Channel 7Mate and our video library is the best place to get the right information on anything from intercoolers to oil filters.

Watch our short, informative videos, take a tour of the UFI facilites and meet our team!

ECU Remapping

Kate isn't the most savvy car buff but she does know there are experts out there to help. Like the team at United Fuel Injection who give us all the details on how to tune your engine for more performance and better economy with ECU remapping.

Fuel Pumps

United Fuel Injection are all about getting the absolute most out of your diesel engines and Aaron gets a couple of tips so you can do the same for your beast.


Air Filter

What is an Air Filter? Well it can save you a lot of money if you know how to look after it and luckily the guys at United Fuel Injection are here to help.



Diesel engines are the workhorses of the motoring world and, properly maintained, will last just about forever. The guys at United Fuel Injection are experts when it comes to diesel power and Aaron gets a great insight into how they go about getting the most out of every engine.


Common Rail Diesel

If your diesel is lacking power, or burning oil, or has poor fuel consumption then you might just have a problem with your fuel injection and if that's the case then you need to bring it in to the experts at United Fuel Injection to sort it out!

Diesel vs Petrol Engines

The debate has raged for decades - which is better, petrol or diesel? Well Ross talks to the experts at United Fuel Injection to get their take on the age-old argument.

Ebay Store

United Fuel Injection make getting more grunt out of your diesel even easier with their eBay store.



Ever wondered how an intercooler works? Well it's pretty simple and Ross Dunkerton gets the inside word on intercoolers from the expert Matt Craig from United Fuel Injection.


Oil Filter

Ross Dunkerton meets with Matt Craig of United Fuel Injection. They discuss how you can save dollars by going through a step-by-step guide on easily changing your car's oil filter. The key point is to invest in a professional tool specifically designed to hold, remove and replace the filter. When you're inserting the new filter, lubricate it with a film of oil to stop the rubber tearing and leaking oil. Remember, always use a soft touch.


UFI Tour

Allan is getting an extensive tour of the facilities and team and United Fuel Injection - from the 4WD and light automotive area to the turbo department. The guys here know everything there is to know about diesel engines and turbos and just how to get the most out of your vehicle.


UFI Filtration

Dirty fuel can be a disaster for your engine, especially if you're out in the middle of nowhere. But her Dan has found a great way to filter your fuel before it heads to your injector, saving you a lot of hassles down the road. The experts at United Fuel Injection have all the gear and the knowhow at a surprisingly affordable price!


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