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To ensure United Fuel Injection remains the market leader we are constantly upgrading both our workshop equipment and as importantly the technical training for our 45 staff including apprentices and Master Bosch Technicians.

We have many staff with many different backgrounds from all parts of the globe, specialising in all areas from Light Commercial, Passenger cars, Heavy Diesel, Turbochargers, Performance. Our parts team specialise in all parts from Diesel / Petrol / Turbo / Heavy commercial & anything that has a part number or description no matter how big or small.

All our team are here to help...

Ken-Ringrose - United Fuel Ken Ringrose - General Manager

Matt Craig - United Fuel Matt Craig - Performance Manager

 Steve Boyle - United Fuel Steve Boyle - Turbo Manager

Paul Cameron - United Fuel Paul Cameron - Heavy Duty Department Manager

Geoff Haley - United Fuel Geoff Haley - Turbo Specialist

Glen Crofts - United Fuel Glenn Crofts - Sales and Service Coordinator

Helen Harkness - United Fuel Helen Harkness - Financial Controller

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