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Fuel Manager

Modern common rail diesel vehicles can see fuel pressures of up to 2,600 bar or (36,000 psi) at these extreme pressures contaminants and water in your fuel can wreak havoc on your engine and fuel injection system with less than one tank of contaminated fuel. 

The Fuel Manager kit is a secondary fuel filter and water separator which can help to keep your fuel injection system operating at its maximum potential. It offers an added level of security to avoid any contaminants and water entering your sophisticated fuel injection system, potentially preventing thousands of dollars in costly engine and fuel injection related repairs. United Fuel Injection utilises Fuel Manager kits on all of our own company vehicles in order to protect against Australia’s often poor-quality fuel.

We offer pre-filter fuel filter and water separator kits for a large variety of vehicles and trucks and are fabricating new kits all the time, give us a call to find out if we have a kit available for your vehicle. All Fuel Managers supplied and/or installed with United Fuel, carry a comprehensive 12-month warranty, Australia wide.


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