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Fuel Injection

A fuel injector sprays fuel into the combustion chamber, where it mixes with compressed air in order to combust creating backpressure against the piston.
A fuel injection system works by pressurising and injecting fuel into the compressed air within the combustion chamber.
Yes, Diesel fuel injection systems operate at pressures up to 25 000 psi, utilising far greater pressure than a petrol equivalent, in order to do this, Diesel fuel injection systems are more complicated and
This is entirely dependant on your vehicle make and manufacturer, what type of fuel the vehicle uses, the vehicle modifications and many other factors. There is no one size fits all injector so it's best to get in contact with fuel injection specialists to determine your indinvidual injector requirments. Screen reader support enabled.
Yes, United Fuel Injection can increase the flow rate (Hi-Flow) your injectors to give them the ability to deliver more fuel
If your vehicle is experiencing any of the following symptoms, it may be time to have your fuel injection system tested or serviced: Difficulty starting, rough idle, loss of power, increased fuel consumption, excessive black smoke or a knocking sound from your engine.
There is no best fuel injector cleaner, if there are any contaminants in your fuel injection system and they haven't already caused damage, putting a cleaner through will only dislodge them and make it more likely to cause damage. Fuel injectors must be removed and proffesionally cleaned and tested utilising the proper processes and equipment.
A bad fuel injector will not immediately damage an engine, however it can cause a decrease in performance, the engine to run and idle roughly, a loss of fuel economy and difficulty starting the vehicle. Due to these problems, a bad injector that goes unrepaired can over time damage the engine.
No, most modern injectors need to be coded to the vehicle in order to operate at 100 percent functionality, this requires specialist tools and expertise. It is often best left to the experts at your local fuel injection specialists.
Impedance in relation to fuel injection systems is an electrical signal sent to the injector to determine how long the injector stays open for in turn controlling how much pressurised fuel is passed through the injector.
An Injector service by United Fuel Injection is a process that will clean your complete fuel system, including injectors. Remove harmful carbon deposits. The fuel injector service can improve your fuel economy, regain lost horsepower and reduce your exhaust emissions.


A turbocharger increases engine power and efficiency by utilising normally wasted exhaust gasses, compressing them and feeding them back into the engine intake manifold.
Garrett turbochargers have been used by the majority of popular automotive manufacturers around the world in OE (original equipment) applications. With over 60 years of research and development. Garrett are the standard to which other turbocharger manufacturers aim to reach.
Turbo lag is the delay between when you push the accelarator and when the turbo starts delivering boost. This lag comes from the boost threshold, which is the RPM that the engine produces enough exhaust gasses to start spooling the turbocharger. Screen reader support enabled.
A wastegate works by controlling the level of boost at a set pressure, once the level of boost begins building to a level higher than the set pressure the actuator within the wastegate begins to open, bypassing the flow of some of the exhaust gases to regulate boost.
This comes down to a matter of personal opinion and the individual needs of the user. Diesel vehicles tend to be 20%-30% more fuel efficient than a petrol equivalent and they also produce more torque (nm). The extra torque produced by a diesel engine makes them significantly better and more efficient at towing.
Oil pressure entering a turbocharger needs to be between 40 psi and 45 psi at the maximum engine operating speed for most light automotive and passenger vehicle applications.
An intercooler is an air cooling device used for turbocharger and supercharger applications. An intercooler lowers the temprature of compressed air generated by the supercharger or turbocharger, meaning the air supplied to the engine is denser.
An actuator is actually a component of a wastegate. The actuator works by regulating boost pressure within your turbocharger system, when set pressures are reached the actuator opens the wastegate to regulate and keep boost at the set level.
The amount of boost a turbocharger can make is completely dependant upon what model of turbocharger, the type and condition of the engine, the fuel injection system, the exhaust system, the intercooler and piping, the wastegate and many other variables. Some turbochargers can produce boost up to 80 psi, however most automotive turbocharger applications operate between 7 and 21 psi.
Most modern turbocharged vehicles come from the factory with a blow off valve (bov) fitted. These blow off valves fitted are normally recirculating back into the turbo system and are sometimes reffered to as by pass valves (bpv). These don't have the same flutter or pssh sound normally associated with bov's that vent to the atmosphere.

Vehicle Performance

Dyno tuning is an approach to tuning the performance of your car by measuring the horsepower and torque of the vehicle on a 4wd dynamometer. Then fine tuning and adjusting your vehicles ignition, fuel, and air supply to achieve the desired results. Continous runs are then done on the dyno and incremental changes are made until the desired output is achieved.


Yes, Dyno Tuning a diesel vehicle generally adds between a 15%-20% increase in horsepower (hp) and torque (nm) and can achieve even greater gains with complimentary performance upgrades.

head over to the performance section of the website for more details - United Fuel Injection Performance

United Fuel Injection can dyno all light automotive/passenger diesel vehicles.

For common rail diesels we can dyno and remap the ECU for more power and for mechanically injected diesels we can dyno tune.
Thank god we found you guys.... After four other so called specialists we stumbled upon you as our last option. Turned out to be the best service, workmanship and price my car is better than it was new!! Huge thanks to the team 👍 👍 - massive recommendation from us!
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Take your vehicle elsewhere and you'll regret it! These guys fixed the problem with my 22 year old Terrano when others were clueless. They know what they're doing. Nowhere else for me. They even told me what battery to get because I was sold the wrong one (by a specialist). Well done guys!
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Great place for servicing and aftermarket tuning. I was looking for a great place to take my patrol for ages and everyone I spoke to had great reviews about this place. I will take my patrol back there!
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I just want to say a massive thank you to Marty for getting my car up and running and all the work he did with the new 11mm pump, it is a completely different car to drive I couldn’t be any happier. It’s now so smooth and responsive compared to what it was, I will definitely be coming back in the future! Thank you once again!
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Fantastic service and great honest work, nothing done that didn't need it. These guys really looked after me and I'm wrapped with the results. I would thoroughly recommend and wont take my car anywhere else! Thanks guys!
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Professional business. Found problem with fuel system that the car dealers did not. Highly recommend
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