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Engine Misses Under Load

Engine Misses Under Load

Possible Cause


Possible Remedy

Air in fuel system


Bleed fuel system, eliminate air leaks

Tank empty or tank vent blocked


Fill tank/bleed system, check tank vent

Fuel filter blocked


Replace fuel filter

Injection lines blocked/restricted


Drill to nominal I.D. or replace

Fuel-supply lines blocked-resticted


Test all fuel supply lines - flush or replace

Loose connections, injection lines leak or broken


Tighten the connection, elimate the leak

Paraffin deposit in fuel filter


Replace filter, use winter fuel

Pump-to-engine timing incorrect


Readjust timing

Injection nozzle defective


Repair or replace

Overflow valve defective or blocked


Clean the orifice or replace fitting

Fuel injection pump defective or cannot be adjusted


Remove pump and service


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