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ECU Remapping

Brain surgery for your car

ECU remapping is hands down the best way to get more performance out of your vehicle. United Fuel Injection are using the latest technology to perform brain surgery on your car and configure your ECU in any number of ways.

What is ECU remapping?

Like the name sounds, the engine control unit (ECU) is the device that controls how your engine functions. It has the finger on the pulse of your vehicle’s performance by directing the actuators on the internal combustion engine.

ECUs are set with a default ‘base map’ that is more than suitable for most drivers. But that’s just for most drivers. If you want the type of performance that most people don’t have access to, the best way to get that is with an ECU remap from United Fuel Injection.

Less Fuel. More precision

With an ECU remap from United Fuel Injection we can control what goes in and what comes out of your vehicle. We can remap your ECU to significantly reduce fuel consumption with precision control over your fuel mixture and a broader powerband that brings the power in earlier in the rev range. The improved economy available through ECU remapping will reduce your fuel bills and your carbon foot-print.

It’s not just about the revs

An ECU remap can do more than just increase the overall power (KW) and torque (NM) of your vehicle. Don’t get us wrong, it can certainly do those things but it can do a whole lot more to give you a better driving experience. By improving the throttle response and smoothing the power delivery we can remove flat-spots and make your car easier to drive.

No Chipping

ECU remapping does not require chipping or a piggy back system to work. Everything an remap does to improve your performance is done using the OEM ECU so that you get better results without risking your factory warranty or overriding your factory protection settings.

Your car is your car

An ECU remap can help design your car’s performance just for you whether you use your car for trade, family movement, towing a van or you’re a 4WD enthusiast. We can even help you safely support upgrades to your vehicle and control the overall operating parameters.

At United Fuel Injection, we love performance. ECU remapping is at the fore-front of technology for improving vehicle performance. It gives you better control over the most important parts of your engine’s functions. If you want a better driving experience, more power, more torque, lower fuel or any and all of the great benefits we’ve talked about then contact us today to ask about an ECU remap.

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