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Denso Injector

Denso Injector

  Like any other parts of your car, the injector needs ample care and attention. Most engine problems result from damaged or malfunctioning fuel injectors and pumps. If you hear rattling sounds coming from under the hood, something might be wrong with the components. You don’t want to spend a fortune on future repair costs, so better act quickly before the problem worsens.

 Injector failures can cause severe engine problems if left unattended. Repair or replacement is necessary to restore the component’s original performance.

  United Fuel Injection supplies and installs genuine injectors for most makes and models. Fitting an injector is one thing; setting it up properly is another. It takes time, skill and expertise to get the job done right. Our team of mechanics have extensive experience in engine troubleshooting and parts repair and replacement. These professionals can determine the parts that best suits your engine specifications.

  Our service starts with a thorough inspection, which allows our mechanic to identify problems and recommend the right solution. We stock a large selection of replacement parts in our WA facility, meaning you can have your injector replaced on the spot.

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Got fuel injection problems? Head straight to United Fuel Injection and have those issues solved. Our licensed repairers will assist you in choosing and installing a high performance injector for your car.

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