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1. What Is An ECU?

An engine control unit (ECU) is a type of electronic control unit that controls a series of actuators on an internal combustion engine to ensure optimal engine performance. It does this by taking input from various sensors for example cam shaft and crank shaft sensors and compute this input using a preprogrammed ‘map’. The ECU will take the inputted information and compute the required output, such as quantity of fuel to inject.

2. Is It Safe?

When we remap a vehicle, we aim to optimise power and torque output of the engine within the safety margins of the manufacturer. We will never come close to reaching the limits of a vehicles engine, we guarantee it. 

Each individual person uses their vehicle differently and has different needs and requirements, we always take these factors into account when remapping any vehicle to match a vehicles performance to the owners specific set of needs. 

3. Why Don’t Manufacturers Do It?

Manufacturers generally sell vehicles which need to service worldwide markets, meet strict emissions and environmental standards and appeal to the largest consumer market as possible. This results in manufacturers selling what is essentially a generic version of their vehicle to meet these standards across as many different countries as they can and to appeal to the needs and wants of as many customers as possible. 

At United Fuel Injection we understand that not everyone uses their vehicle in the same way or for the same purposes. Over years of extensive research and development we have found the best processes of improvement for your vehicle.

4. How Does It Work?

We carefully adjust emission controls, torque limiters, injection timing and duration, small increases in rail pressure of 1-2%, increase boost pressure and air flow and adjust several other parameters controlled by your vehicles ECU to achieve your performance goals.

5. Do We Keep A Copy Of The Original File Or The Tuned File?

We keep a copy of both your original factory file and the tuned file for life. If for any reason you somehow you lose your tune or replace your ECU, we will reflash your tuned file onto your ECU free of charge.

6. What Improvements And Benefits Will I See?

One of the main benefits to ECU remapping is moving the power and torque further down in the RPM range meaning you access more power and torque earlier and with less throttle. Typically, we see improvements of 10-15% in horsepower and torque (nm) although depending on the vehicle this can be slightly lower or higher. Ask our team about Dyno readouts which can visually demonstrate this shift in the RPM range. 

Another benefit that is commonly seen from ECU remapping is the elimination of any flat spots in the power and torque curve. It is common for modern vehicles, particularly common rail diesels to have a flat spot off idle which is demonstrated in the dyno read out below, the broken lines are the power and torque curves of the pre-run when the vehicle was delivered to us and the solid lines are the after the ECU remap, you can see the broken lines have a dip/flat spot off idle instead of a linear curve.
Ecu Map
Thank god we found you guys.... After four other so called specialists we stumbled upon you as our last option. Turned out to be the best service, workmanship and price my car is better than it was new!! Huge thanks to the team 👍 👍 - massive recommendation from us!
Vicky Grove
Take your vehicle elsewhere and you'll regret it! These guys fixed the problem with my 22 year old Terrano when others were clueless. They know what they're doing. Nowhere else for me. They even told me what battery to get because I was sold the wrong one (by a specialist). Well done guys!
Chris Barrett
Great place for servicing and aftermarket tuning. I was looking for a great place to take my patrol for ages and everyone I spoke to had great reviews about this place. I will take my patrol back there!
Jesse Sullivan
I just want to say a massive thank you to Marty for getting my car up and running and all the work he did with the new 11mm pump, it is a completely different car to drive I couldn’t be any happier. It’s now so smooth and responsive compared to what it was, I will definitely be coming back in the future! Thank you once again!
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Fantastic service and great honest work, nothing done that didn't need it. These guys really looked after me and I'm wrapped with the results. I would thoroughly recommend and wont take my car anywhere else! Thanks guys!
Jackson Shannon
Professional business. Found problem with fuel system that the car dealers did not. Highly recommend
Peter Middleton

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