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Bosch Fuel Injection

Bosch Fuel Pumps and Injectors

Maximise your engines performance by keeping its mechanical components in good condition. Replacing  worn or damaged fuel pumps or injectors is a cost effective way to do this. Spending hundreds of dollars for these parts is reasonable because you can save thousands from future repair costs.

It’s not only about the savings. When you replace damaged or failing components, you can enjoy a smoother ride and expect increased performance and fuel economy from your vehicle. As replacement jobs call for sufficient technical knowledge and expertise, it is best to seek help from the specialists.

One-Stop Source for Injection System Components and Services

United Fuel Injection is committed to bringing the highest quality injection systems and components to the local market. In line with this, we partner with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Bosch. We carry only the brands we trust to protect our customers’ interest and our reputation.

As an authorised distributor of Bosch fuel injectors and fuel pumps, United Fuel Injection aims to help clients get the most out of their vehicles. By replacing faulty components, you can get rid of common problems, such as:

  • Poor engine performance
  • Rough idling and hard starting
  • Excessive noise and fuel pressure fluctuations

Advantages of Bosch Fuel Pumps

  • Restored or increased engine power
  • Smoother ride
  • Improved starting

Advantages of Bosch Fuel Injectors

  • Improved vehicle performance
  • Uniform spray pattern
  • Vehicle will run smoother and more efficiently

Make the right investment for your vehicle today. Contact us to find out more about our selection of Bosch fuel pumps and injectors.

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