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IHI Turbo

A high performance turbocharging system is necessary to achieve better fuel combustion rate, which gives more power to the engine. You can find many turbochargers out there, but remember that quality and reliability should always come first. You need to buy only from authorised distributors of genuine parts to make the most out of your purchase.

United Fuel Injection is a top source for genuine turbo systems and spare parts. We carry some of the most trusted brands, including IHI (Ishikawajima Harima Heavy Industries, Ltd.). This brand is famous for its first-rate performance and long service life.

Why Choose IHI

IHI is popular for its broad range of turbochargers that include compact and full-sized models. These products are ideal for different applications, including automobile, motorcycle and marine diesel engine tuning. They also play an important role in achieving optimum performance for racing cars.

Every IHI turbo product is designed to provide maximum air compressing capability. This component will make your engine more powerful if installed properly. Imagine how your car will perform after adding a few more torque or horsepower. It is not just about the speed, though. The comfort and peace of mind you will gain are worth the cost.

Complete Solutions to Your Upgrade or Modification Needs

Need replacement turbo? We have it. Looking for someone to service or fit your IHI turbocharger? We got you covered. We have a team of expert mechanics and engineers ready to assist you. Visit our workshop to get the product or service you need.

Contact us if you have questions about what we do and provide.

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