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TD42 Patrol and TD05 power upgrade

Aftermarket Fuel Pump & Turbo

United Fuel Injection strives to provide better quality of service to a growing number of vehicle owners and enthusiasts in Western Australia. In line with this commitment, we developed a high performance modification to suit the Nissan Patrol TD42 factory turbo vehicles.

Designed to achieve the maximum torque and power from the TD42T and Ti engines, this upgrade provides great value for money. It involves the installation of a heavily modified fuel pump and replacement turbo that will boost the engine performance. If you are looking for bigger power figures than our standard Nissan upgrade, this modification is an ideal option.

Stage 3 TD42 Power Upgrade

This process involves replacing the TD42 factory turbo with an aftermarket Mitsubishi TD05. We select and modify the replacement engine to meet the application’s low torque requirement and the extra driveability that comes with that. This upgrade is not application specific and can be fitted to any combination of intercooled or non-intercooled TD42.

After fitting your turbo, we will tune up your pump to suit your specific torque and power requirements. This upgrade may come with a modified pump to get the best out of your TD42 Patrol engine.

The dyno printout below shows the result of upgrade done to an STD TD42Ti with no internal pump modifications – just a good tune.

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