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How Does Your Exhaust Affect The Performance Of Your Vehicle?

How Does Your Exhaust Affect The Performance Of Your Vehicle?

Did you know that your car’s exhaust system is so much more than just a pipe that comes out of the engine. It’s actually a major factor in your car’s performance and can have a big effect on things like fuel efficiency.

With years of experience dealing with performance exhaust systems, we know how important it is to keep your exhaust system in good working order. Make sure you check out the rest of this informative post to learn more about why neglecting it will only end up costing you in the long run.

What Does An Exhaust System Do?

Internal combustion engines generate harmful fumes as part of their normal operation. To keep you safe, and to keep the engine running properly, an exhaust system carries those fumes away from the vehicle.

There’s actually a lot more to an exhaust system than just the tailpipe, including:

  • The Exhaust Manifold: this attaches to the cylinder heads, takes the exhaust and combines it into a single pipe.
  • The Oxygen Sensor: modern, fuel-injected cars have oxygen sensors to monitor oxygen levels in the exhaust. This allows the vehicle’s computer system to add or subtract fuel to obtain the correct mixture for maximum fuel efficiency.
  • The Catalytic Converter: mounted between your muffler and the exhaust manifold, this component converts dangerous carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons into water vapours and carbon monoxide.
  • The Muffler: this absorbs sound energy and reduces engine noise to an acceptable level.
  • Exhaust Pipe: the section that carries exhaust gasses out through your tailpipe.

How Does It Affect Your Car’s Performance?

In addition to drastically reducing noise levels, a well maintained exhaust system plays a vital role in reducing your car’s dangerous emissions. It both keeps them to a minimum and makes sure that they stay outside the vehicle and don’t cause harm to anyone inside.

Modern performance exhaust systems are also vital to ensuring you get the maximum levels of power and fuel efficiency out of your engine. If you’re looking to upgrade your exhaust system or test your current one to make sure that it’s functioning at its optimal level, give us a call on (08) 9259 3000 or get in touch today.

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